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Last Updated: May 19, 2021 at 3:19 am

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Want to Quit Smoking or Kick the Tobacco Habit?

If you smoke or use tobacco, one of the best ways to get healthy is to quit. Tobacco use puts you at high risk for cancer, heart attack, stroke and even sexual problems. The risks are even greater if you have diabetes, you are overweight, or you have other health problems. 

A pregnant mom who smokes is also risking the health of her unborn baby. Studies show drugs, stop-smoking aids, counseling, support and habit changes can help you quit.

Take that First Step:

  • Decide to stop smoking and set a date.
  • Get support from family and friends.
  • Quit with a friend or partner.
  • Get help from your doctor.
  • Call Health Choice Arizona and Arizona Smoker’s Helpline (ASHLine) 800-556-6222 or visit
  • The ASHLine can give you free samples of stop-smoking aides. The ASHLine can also give you counseling and support to help you kick the habit.

In addition to the ASHLine, there are other resources available for you.

Take our interactive Smoking Habits Quiz for a profile of your nicotine dependence and some ideas about how to tame your cravings as you become a non-smoker.

Smoking Habits Quiz
Printable Version (PDF)
Source: Heatherton TF, Kozlowski LT, Frecker RC, Fagerstrom KO (1991). The Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence: a revision of the Fagerstrom Tolerance Questionnaire. Br J Addict 86:1119-27.

For more information on quitting tobacco, go to Tobacco Free Arizona at:

Tobacco Free Arizona is a program to help Arizonans know the risks of tobacco use and resources for quitting.

We always want to help you get healthy. Health Choice Arizona also covers certain aids to help you quit if your doctor orders them. Ask your doctor for more information.

Call us and ask to talk with a Health Choice Arizona case manager for help quitting smoking.

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